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 ""Allow for the full amount of time as it is a relaxed, individualized experience"




 "Joan is an amazing Wellness Practioner.  It was both motivational and productive"


"I had a session with Joan before I left Edmonton yesterday and I have to tell you, it was a humdinger of positive change for me.  Joan has SO much to offer and I was blown away at how perfect it was, how powerful and how helpful" 


Joan was very caring and professional. Her concern, understanding and passion expressed in the hypnotherapy session was outstanding and life changing. I will definitely go back again and would recommend her to friends and family.  



"It was marvelous.  So fantastic to finally have a session of hypnotherapy that was custom made and therapeutic"


  This as an amazing experience and i am glad I took the step I needed for me!!  
"It was truly a very powerful and meaningful experience for me. You are a gifted and special person. I am happy to know of a fabulous hypnotherapist that I can refer my clients to!" 


"You are shaman of the soul, Joan, and are meant to be doing this work.  It is as natural to you as breathing"  


Joan was fantastic! Her wealth of life experience paired with her big heart makes a session with her incredibly worth it.  I am convinced that she really wants to help in any that she can!  




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