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Hypnosis in the practice of Hypnotherapy is widely recognized by researchers as a safe, natural state of deep physical and emotional relaxation.  The ethical and practical uses of hypnosis are recognized in dentistry, medicine, law enforcement, self improvement, behaviour modification & professional sports.  The American Medical Association approved the practice of Hypnotherapy in 1958 and the Canadian Medical Association followed soon after.  Both medical associations have said that Hypnotherapy is a viable and beneficial health alternative.


HYPNOTHERAPY SESSIONS WILL HELP with..........................................

  • relationship healing
  • great for students to overcome anxiety around exams
  • memory
  • self esteem
  • depression
  • stress reduction
  • anger management
  • grief
  • insomnia
  • PTSD
  • pain management
  • anxiety, fears,phobias
  • confidence building
  • weight release
  • smoking cessation
  • Critical Incident Stress Management

Plus many more things, there is virtually nothing that Hypnotherapy can not help with!

 Hypnotherapy is a way of unlocking your full potential & transforming any area of your life!





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